Renovations, Renovations

Ok so I am making a fuss and thousands of people go through what I am experiencing without a murmur. But after 4 months of living on a building site I am beginning to tire of spending my days making endless cups of tea and listening to the woes of our various tradesmen.

People come and go in their own time and the pace is generally slow. Very slow. One thing I can assure anyone who is thinking of doing a house renovation is that it is nothing like the TV show ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ where a full refurb takes about 6 weeks and costs £20K.

For the last 3 weeks I have had a gaping hole where a kitchen should be. This week one nice man arrived with a huge number of boxes and got stuck in, so maybe, just maybe, I will be able to cook a meal by the end of the month.

By contrast, BT sent 3 men to move a junction box about 3 feet. One sat in the sun, one threaded some wires through a wall and one (very young man) told me how he was paying his mortgage off early so he can retire by 40. Quite and eye opener!

Sensible people would have moved into rented accommodation for 6 months and watched the work from afar. My husband assured me it was perfectly possible to live on site and would be great fun. Divorce is a word that has reared its head several times.

So back to the tea and coffee making – after a while I gave up asking if anyone wanted a drink as the answer is always ‘yes’, so I just get stuck in supplying drinks on the hour, I have organised a rota for the different trades and written down all the sugar/milk preferences – I could probably run a café quite easily after this, but have to say, I wouldn’t want to.

I am fondly remembering the heady days of working in the tumultuous world of travel when I could leave the house at 8am and not return until 6pm.











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