Gearing up for Eastbourne AirBourne

One of the many things I love about my new home town is the fact that there seems to be something happening all the time. This is no sleepy seaside town that I have heard referred to as ‘God’s waiting room’.  Quite the opposite.

Recently I watched a theatre being built in the beautiful Italian Gardens at Holywell, an idyllic position nestling under cliffs surrounded by trees and overlooking the sea. The activity was for a production of Shakespeare’s’ Comedy of Errors’ which ran over 10 nights at the end of July. Sadly, the weather during this time wasn’t kind and most evenings were windy and cool. But the show must go on and each evening, as I walked the dogs down to the beach, I heard the audience roaring with laughter as they all enjoyed a rumbustious production. Next year hopefully I can get tickets.

Red Arrows Flight simulator moving into position

So now we are in the final countdown to AirBourne, one of the longest running and most popular Air shows in the UK. And it is FREE!

For the past, few days signs have gone up along the prom, fences been put up around the gardens, PA systems are being built and a general feeling of excitement and anticipation is spreading throughout the town. The weather seems to have remembered it is summer and settled into a sunny pattern, so long may it last. My favourite display, the Red Arrows, are flying on 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I shall be waving madly along with everyone else.

The Glorious Queens Hotel

Another observation I have made, as I walk along the seafront, is the incredible architecture that is all around. It is so satisfying to gaze at a building that has been lovingly restored to its original glory, i.e. the fabulous Queens Hotel on Marine Parade. Or for five-star kerb appeal, The Oban Hotel always catches my eye. And who can ignore the pristine ‘wedding cake’ that is the Grand Hotel, a building that elevates Eastbourne into a stylish resort.

Colourful carpet gardens

The famous ‘Carpet Gardens’ are looking pristine and colourful and an absolute credit to the council gardeners who snip and prune and pretty the plants up every day, aiming and achieving perfection.

The consumption of teas/coffees/cakes and now ice creams continues to fill my days. While wandering alongside tourists I begin to feel like I am on my holidays and therefore an afternoon ice cream is just the ticket. My current favourites are to be had at Holywell Café, there is nothing quite like a salted caramel ice on a hot day.




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