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Farewell to Sable, Guide Dog Puppy 2

I can’t believe our time with Sable has gone by so quickly. It was only 11 months ago that the wriggling bundle of black fluff arrived and made her presence known! Another black lab, like Joni, but oh, so different. She is a big girl, much heavier

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Goodbye Joni, and Good Luck

So the fateful day arrived, 14 October 2015, and Joni left us for good. It really wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Having spent the last year joined at the hip with this beautiful bouncing bundle of fun, I am now left with wonderful memories. Everyone, and I mean everyone, asked ‘How can you bear to give her up” – well if Guide Dogs had £1 every time that question was asked, fund raising would be a breeze …

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The Final Countdown

The last few weeks have been a blur of activity while we wait anxiously for news about Joni’s future.

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Joni Meets the Great & the Good

June has been a whirlwind so far – the pinnacle of our excitement being a visit to the Houses of Parliament for the annual Guide Dogs campaign. This year we are lobbying MP’s to make pavement parking illegal. Guide dogs are totally fazed when they come across

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Growing Up Fast …

May has been a busy month for Joni as her training steps up a gear and walks become longer. She has settled into our daily routine and accepts that our own dog, Bella, goes out first thing to run around our local golf course each morning. Joni

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Spring at Last

Spring has certainly sprung in Crowborough and Joni is enjoying the chance to explore a bit more of our garden.

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Firemen, more shopping and some down time

A busy month for Joni and me, starting of with a visit to the local fire station for a demo of sirens, lights, bells and whistles. A group of about 10 humans and 8 pups met in the car park and all the pups greeted each other

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